Bradenton Classical Academy

May 11, 2022

Board Meeting Mintues

1. Call to Order

Called to order at 6:59

a. Attendance:

Sherri Davidson, Georgia Vail, Dave Matthews, Karen Roland, Michael Roland

2. Changes to the Agenda

Karen Roland moves to accept agenda. Sherri Davidson seconded.

3. Approval of Minutes

Motioned by Dave Matthews, seconded by Karen Roland

4. Reports

Since last meeting $250 was donated by Dave Matthews and $175 donated by Sherri Davidson to join the Chamber of Commerce.

a. Treasurer Report

Checking balance is $3,730.57. Since the last meeting the $425 was donated as above and used for the Chamber of Commerce fees. $400 was paid to WebInk as the final payment for the website and the year’s maintenance fee. We received $170.58 from Stripe from the Rallyup app/donation site and $135.00 from Paypal for donations from the website. Sherri paid $35 to the Chamber of Commerce for a luncheon that highlighted education in Manatee County. There was a deposit of $200 as a donation from Jim and Denise Childers, friends of Sherri Davidson’s.

5. Old Business

a. Status update on Hillsdale Application

Discussed the use of zip codes to show number of children living in area but the information is from 2019 and 2020. Since that time there have been 29,500 homes approved for building. Suggestion is to look at the school board information reference long term plans.

Karen Roland stated she needs the rest of the resumes uploaded to Boardable for the application. She has Dave Matthews and hers. Michael Roland will be giving his contribution statement. We are close to being done. We will need to get a copy of the bank statement. She wants to get this out as soon as possible in order to move forward with discussions with Hillsdale.

b. Status update on Charter application

Tabled until Dr. Hall can attend meeting.

c. Meeting with Carlos Beruff

Sherri Davidson met with Mr. Beruff from Medallion Homes. He was intrigued by the school. He stated he has property in the vicinity but it will not be ready for 3-4 years. Mr. Beruff will be in Spain until July and he requested we reconnect then to discuss any support from his company.

6. New Business

a. Schedule travel time to a Hillsdale School

Sherri will call Naples Classical Academy to see if we can visit on 5/17.

b. Chamber of Commerce Meeting today

Met with Ms. Todor, a retired educator. She was excited about the school, as well as were other attendees sitting at the table. Ms. Todor recommended we join the Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance. Her friend joined and met Pat Neal the first day. She stated there would be a lot of individuals in this alliance that would be interested in supporting the school.

c. New Mission statement and vision statement

Dave motioned to accept the new mission and vision statement. Karen Roland seconded. Sherri voted yes. Sherri will contact Karen S. and Kelley Rowe to update both.

d. New Flyer

Dave Matthews suggested using his grandchildren to take pictures for the flyer and website. Comment to change the green to more blue.

e. Fundraising

Sherri and Georgia are, Karen moved to spend up to $150 for marketing including a table cloth, banner, print brochurs. Dave suggested change motion to make a standing rule Sherri has authority to spend up to $200 each occurrence for marketing materials. Karen revised her motion to a purchasing authority of $200 monthly. If there is something comes up that puts this authority over budget, an email vote will suffice. Dave seconded the motion. Sherri votes yes. Karen motions that anything over $500 a month causes a board meeting. Dave seconds. Sherri votes yes.

f. Farmer’s Market 5/14 and 5/28

Sherri and Georgia will be attending the farmers market both days. We receive a booth with a 10×10 tent, table and two chairs for free. We need to obtain decor for the booth and fliers. Dave recommended we get a “Square” to accept payments right on the spot.

i. Banner from Staples

Sherri priced a banner from Staples. She can get one very quickly for approximately $70.

7. Comments, Announcements, and Other Business

Karen glad to hear SJS has taken a lot of stress off Sherri. Dave said he was setting a meeting with Jim Boyd but their time period is June and he will be out of town. Dave needs to call Vern Buchanan’s office to set up meeting.

Karen Roland asked about James Willett. Sherri discussed Mr. Willett’s interest in helping the school but wasn’t sure he had any talents that would help. He declined to join after reading the board application. Karen is going to review the application and see if we can simplify it.

Sherri discussed the newsletter. She will be working on this but will also reach out to San Jose Schools to see if that is something they do and send out to their database.

8. Next Meeting Date

May 25, 2022 7pm
Meeting adjourned at 8:22 pm.