Bradenton Classical Academy

March 23, 2022

Board Meeting Minutes

1) Zoom Meeting was called to order by Sherri Davidson at 6:59 PM

2) Roll Call shows Sherri Davidson, Mitch Mong, David Matthews, Karen Roland, Georgia Vail, Danielle Bently-Mong, Jessica Darty present.

3) Approval of minutes from last meeting: Motion to accept last meeting minutes made by Karen Roland, seconded by Mitch Mong.  Motion passed unanimously.

4) Old Business

  1.  Web design: Multiple logos have been sent back and forth. Sherri will attempt to share her screen so we can vote. Sherri shared the design for the logo and letterhead. Motion made by Karen to accept designs. Seconded by Mitch Mong.  Motion approved unanimously.
  2.  San Jose School: Sherri called Enterprise High School. SJS acts as a consultant for the school, and they have only great things to say about the company and Dr. Alan Hall. Karen Roland will review her discussion with Dr. Hall.
    Sherri shared her conversation with Enterprise school with positive comments. They indicated that their success was directly related to the efforts of Dr. Alan Hall and his team.
    Karen reported on her zoom meeting with Dr. Alan Hall
  3. San Jose School/Optima: Mike Roland will review his research on legal findings about each CMO.
    Michael Roland reported on his investigation of Optima.  He found there is ongoing litigation against Optima.
    Michael also investigated with San Jose Schools and did not find any untoward issues.
    Motion made by Karen Roland to investigate Frank P. F Dino Developer. Seconded by Dave Matthews. Vote unanimously passed.
  4. Optima: Emailed Erika Donalds on 2/18 reference our continued concerns with starting the size of the school at 750 scholars. She responded on 3/22 stating we could do less, but she really feels 750 is correct. Concerns with lack of response.
    Sherri states it has taken over a month to receive a response from Erika Donaldson and the response was unacceptable.
    Motion was made by Karen to seek out a third company.  Seconded by Mitch Mong.
    Motion unanimously approved.

    New Business:

  5. Vote on using San Jose Schools or Optima for our CMO.
    Motion to choose San Jose Schools for our CMO company was made by Dave Matthews.  Seconded by Karen Roland.  All present voted Yea.  Approved unanimously.
  6. Met with Chad Choate from the Manatee County School Board. He was very supportive and recommended we contact Gina Messenger also.
    Sherri reported her meeting with Chad Choat was very positive.  He has agreed to help
    Dave Matthews shared an upcoming with Vern Buchanan on April 23rd.  Board members need to prepare for questions and what is most needed. More information to be provided later.
  7. Started sending requests for donations to business individuals in the Manatee area. Please suggest names.
    Sherri has started sending donation letters to some members of the Manatee Chamber of Commerce.  Georgia will continue to provide lists of companies from the Chamber of Commerce.
  8. Meeting with SCF 4/6/22 at 2 pm via Zoom.
    Sherri will attend a Zoom meeting with State College of Florida.
  9. Open Discussion.
    Concern expressed about the time frame and needed to submit application to Hillsdale college.  She also voiced concern about finding the correct property for the school.
    Dave Matthews requested information on how much seed money is needed.  Karen responded by explaining the budget in detail.  Recommendation to place the budget on the next agenda for approval.
  10. The next meeting will be March 30, 2022, at 7 PM by Zoom. Follow up meeting will be April 7,2022
  11. Motion to adjourn made by Dave Matthews and seconded by Karen Roland.  Motion approved.
  12. Meeting adjourned at 8:44 PM.



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Georgia Vail

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