Sherri Lynn Davidson, MSN, APRN-BC, COHN-S

Chair of Board
Sherri Davidson, President of founding board of Bradenton Classical Academy is a grandmother who is a nurse practitioner by trade. She started the school when she became concerned about her grand-daughter’s progress in learning in the public school system. As a nurse practitioner she managed a clinic in a local hospital and is nationally certified in occupational health nursing. She has served on the boards of the Florida West Coast Association of Occupational Health Nurses, serving as director, President Elect and President. She also served on the Florida Occupational Health Conference board as the program director. She put together 3 conferences for the state that were each three days long, organizing all the speakers for the conferences. Sherri has stepped down from her occupation to pursue this school as she is passionate about the classical education curriculum and feels this school needs to help as many children in the community as possible because not everyone can afford a better education through private means. She wants to change our corner of the world by changing the lives of the next generation so they are able to be our leaders in the future.